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Next Round of the League Cup / Plate Competition

The next round of the cup and opening games for the Plater competition will be drawn this weekend - Dates will be confirmed at the weekend too

Player Eligibility

Managers & Club Secretaries, please do NO play any player in ANY age group that is not eligible to play. So if you have players AT ANY AGE GROUP who re not registrered with the League THEY ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PLAY, PLAYERS WHO ARE PART OF ANY FOOTBALL ACADEMY ARE ALSO NOT ELIGIBLE TO PLAY. PLAYERS CAN ONLY PLAY FOR ONE TEAM IN ANY CUP/PLATE COMPETITION AND CAN ONLY PLAY FOR ONE CLUB AT A TIME. IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT THEN ASK .....

Fixture Postponements - Due To School related activities

Managers please remember that you CANNOT make the decision yourselves to postpone a game and then inform the League. If you need to postpone a game, you MUST request a postponement from the League which will be duly discussed and a decsiion will be made as quickly as is possible. If the postponemnt is due to ANY school related activity then the school release form must be submitted with the request for postponement - THIS  SHOULD BE DONE AT LEAST 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE FIXTURE (Exceptional circumstances for late delivery of requests will be considered on a per request basis).

Player Registrations

There are still a large number of players for many teams who are still in the awiting registration pile - PLEASE ATTEND TO THESE ASAP and do not play any player if you are unsure of their registration status. 

Latest News

Feniton Tigers Under 13's - Withdrawal

23/10/2014 16:56

Sadly the League have today been informd that Fention Tigers U13s from division 3 have withdrawn from the League.

All League fixtures and results for games that featured the tigers have been expunged from the tables. 

The cup game result that saw St martins awarded the walk over will stand and they will progress to the next round of the cup.

Stoke Hill Celtic

21/10/2014 19:24

Stoke Hill Celtic under 15 require a keeper. If you are interested, please call David Evans on 07956 564788.

Statement from the League Fixtures Secretary regarding the cup/plate draws

21/10/2014 14:25

I am bitterly disappointed  by the amount of accusatory emails/text messages and face book postings  which are insinuating  that I have done the draw  unfairly and that I have ‘Cheated’.

The draw is done the same way as it is always done via numbers balls being drawn out of a bag (which is a non transparent bag held above head height, the person who records the fixtures / teams has no idea which teams are associated with which number until each ball is drawn and the number is announced. 

Perhaps for future years it would be a great idea if managers/coaches  and  parents were to support the time and effort put in by myself and others and attend a public draw each time it is done, however I doubt very much that people would be able to find the time. For several  years we held each draw in a public venue where anybody could attend to watch the draw being made, these events  were so poorly attended I could see no reason to continue making the journey each year to spend a couple hours of my time doing something in front of nobody what I could do in front of nobody equally as well from the comfort of my own home. 

I would very much  like to know, what is it exactly that those who have sent these message feel I have to gain by ‘being unfair/cheating’   as I can see no reason or logic behind your remarks which could lead anybody to the conclusions made.

A very disillusioned fixture Secretary
Russ Murch

Exmouth United U14s are seeking a Goalkeeper come outfield player to strengthen their current squad.

21/10/2014 11:57

They are Charter Trust friendly club with emphasis on player development. If interested please contact Shaune Cox on 07445 253013 or email

The draws for the next round of the League Cup and Plate competition

19/10/2014 19:28

League Cup Games
Plate Competition Games for the U16's, U15's and U14s age groups.
All other age roups will be in a tournament style as previous years


19/10/2014 15:32

Top of Division 2  U15 s squad looking for couple of new, experienced players to boost already strong squad. 

If interested contact Pete on 07843381418 or by email