Colyton Youth Tournament

“We would like to invite all EDYL affiliated clubs to join us at the Colyton Youth Football Club Annual Tournament 2018.

Even age groups (u8, u10, u12, u14) will be held on Saturday 2nd June 2018 and odd age groups (u7, u9, u11, u13) on Sunday 3rd June 2018.

The tournament is six a side with a max of two subs, so eight players max per team. Max two teams per age group per club.

Typically we like to have two groups of seven teams per age group, resulting in six group matches. Then the top two teams from each group go through to semi finals and then winners into a final. This may vary depending on the number of teams which enter.

u7 is non competitive so there is only a group stage, no knock out stage. All u7 kids get a medal.

Kick off is at 10am each day, and we have a managers briefing at 9.40am, so you will need to arrive by 9.30am latest.

Typically the group stages will end by 2pm, and the finals by about 3.30pm.

We have a Hog roast, BBQ and other side stalls and it is a fun and well attended event each year.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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