Thanks for last weekend, our Cup and Plate Finals

Thanks to Tiverton Town FC for allowing the league to use their ground for our Finals.  Such a warm and friendly club. I believe everybody who attended will agree.

I would like to thank all the football teams, managers and players for  entertaining us with some good and competitive football. In very hot  conditions and did not get too frustrated, when things did not go their way. Well done to you all.

The good whether we had on both days, it was very hot in the sun out on the pitch. Made running about hard work, for the older ones on the pitch, our friends, the match officials. My thanks to the old timers, we did have a paramedic if needed !! Thanks to him as well, as he did attend to some of the players who had injuries.

My thanks to the spectators, who decided not to go to the beach instead.  I did actually hear some nice comments about the refereeing, honest. I think, if all the league’s spectators behaved as well as those of you who were at Tiverton last weekend. I would not get any complaints about Respect.

Moors Youth FC, for providing and helping to put together the sets of goal posts for the U9’s, 10’s, 11’s and 12’s Finals.

Last, but certainly not least, the league committee. Who were not only at Tiverton the whole of Saturday and Sunday, but also there Friday afternoon unpacking and sorting out the trophies for all of the 16 Finals. Most of the committee had very good reasons not to attend, but then, The show must go on.




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