ID Cards

Players can play whilst awaiting their ID card to arrive. In order to do this you will need to use the EMERGENCY REGISTRATION form which you can download at

. The temporary form will last for a period of two weeks ONLY.

ID Cards – Questions and Answers

For all current and future requests for ID CARDS this is what you as a club are required to do.
Communicate with your point of contact

Rachel Bristowe
01626 323564
[email protected]

Please email or send via the post
Players Details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • DOB
  • Photo on Disc Named and in JPEG format

Do players have to have there ID cards available for Cup Matches and Tournaments?

Yes for all Cup Competitions. If a tournament organizer wants to also include a rule that players must have their ID cards then this can also be used but is optional for tournaments.

After the 21st March, which is the date, all players in our league must have their cards, is it true there is a slip that I can issue to act as a 14 days permit to play whilst the card is being printed?

This is correct and this form is called an emergency signing on form that normally lasts for 2 weeks, to allow time to print the players card. The FORM can be located at


The important thing to remember is that all clubs must e-mail Carole Johnson Registration Secretary the picture of the player before a signed emergency slip is issued.

What is the correct procedure for exchanging ID Cards?

Before the start of the game, both Managers/Coaches should exchange the team sheet and THE ID CARDS FOR SCRUTINY PRIOR TO THE START OF ALL GAMES. Any players not having an ID CARD CANNOT PLAY.

If the game commences and it is then identified that a player does not happen to have a card, so in other words, they have played without a card, the dispute must be reported to the referee, and both the referee and coach should inform Devon FA within 4 Days of the fixture taking place. The following fines and warning letter would then take place should a player be found playing without his ID and it is his first offence then the Club shall receive

1. a WARNING LETTER for the player and also an £8 admin fee to pay which is payable by the club. Please note that for example that there were 4 players who played without cards then there would be 4 WARNING LETTERS and also an admin fee of £32 to pay (4 x £8)

Any club found to be playing a player with no card will also be liable to have any points won in the game removed as they have played an illegible player. This issue is down to the League to make a decision on but most Leagues have adopted this punishment to issue to clubs.

2. Should a player be caught playing without his card for a second time then the Club will receive a fine of £50.

3. Third offence is £100 and to also appear before the Devon County FA to explain its actions.

PLEASE NOTE: if a player arrives without there ID and the parent of the child can guarantee that they can go home and get the card and return BEFORE the end of the game then this is acceptable by the League and the FA, however this practice should not be seen to happen on a regular basis.

What happens if a player has lost his or her card?

There is a £10 charge for the replacement card, and application for a new card needs to be made to Devon FA

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