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The safeguarding of children and young people is the responsibility of every adult in football. Every club has a responsibility to play its part in ensuring it provides an experience that is fun, encouraging and safe for everyone. It is therefore essential that every football club has a Safeguarding Children Policy. This policy needs to be embraced and understood by club members so that it becomes part of the club’s way of thinking and working on a daily basis. By building the essence of the policy into your club’s management and daily and weekly running of activities, you will be developing a best practice approach, which will benefit everyone involved with your club.

A club which is child-centred is more likely to have a well run and friendly environment which attracts more members.

Important Downloads

The following information is provided to help you to implement a Club Safeguarding Children Policy. If you have any concerns or need for clarification, please contact your County Football Association for guidance.

Where to start

  • As an affiliated football club you are required to comply with The FA’s Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures, so ensure that your club has an up-to-date copy. This can be obtained via
  • Consider what guidance and policies your club already has in place. It is likely that you are already doing much of what is required
  • Ensure that the club chairperson and committee are aware of the need for the policy and have a basic understanding of the implications.Appoint a designated person for safeguarding children (Club Welfare Officer or CWO). They will have the lead responsibility for safeguarding children within the club and can assist in implementing your policy • For further information refer to the Safeguarding Children Guidelines for appointing a CWO.

What next

  • An example of a Club Safeguarding Children Policy has been provided for you to adapt specifically for your club. All you need to do is to insert your club name where required
  • Please note: Those clubs who have not yet chosen to appoint a CWO will need to cross out point six on the policy template or, alternatively, appoint a CWO. The CWO is expected to take a lead role in promoting this policy and helping members.
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