Centre of Excellence & Contracted Players

All the players who are part of a centre of Excellence or a Contracted player are NOT eligible to play in the Exeter and District Youth Football League.

The below ruling only applies to players in the Under 11 age group and older, all “non-competitive” age group players (U8’s, U9’s & U10’s) may play for CoE teams and club football with their club in the Exeter & District Youth Football League

If a player is on trial with a professional club or a Centre of Excellence they will not be prevented from playing club football. If they are offered and accept a contract at that point they will no longer be allowed to play club football within the Exeter and District Youth Football League.

If a player who has been selected for an Academy or Centre of Excellence is released during the playing season, they are eligible to either return to the club with whom they are registered prior to being selected. The player may register for a league member club if they have taken no part in any competition prior to being contracted during the playing season. Any games played by a returning player previous to their being contracted will count as competitive games towards eligibility for their inclusion in cup/plate competition games.

If you have concerns regarding the eligibility of a player, please raise this with your club secretary, who should in turn contact the League Secretary.

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